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Our Staff

Frankie, Charity and Mozell are the other half of our family.  Frankie and Mozell are both long time residents of Corvallis and Albany while Charity lived in Jeffersons.

Brenda brings over 20 years of medical experience, including practice management and workers comp triage. She is an incredible asset as a facilitator when it comes to dealing with insurance carriers. She has worked in several different subspecialty groups including Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Podiatry. With her vast professional knowledge, she keeps us organized and she will help remind you of your appointments, check on benefits and advocate your care with your health plans if such need arises. Outside of work, she was the guardian angel to many unwanted animals. At one time, she cared for up to 13 animals, trying to find them homes. She will also be watching over you, ensuring that you have a favorable experience when you come for a visit.

Frankie came with over 10 years of experience working with children as a Kindergarten Assistant at Santiam Christian Elementary and has several years of experience working with adults with disabilities. Along with Dr. Yao, Frankie spearheaded the formation of the practice in Scio. She is the practice medical assistant and is a certified phlebotomist, providing on-site laboratory access as a convenience for our patients.

Palma (not pictured) is the latest addition to our team. She is an LPN of 37 years that has worked in many different medical fields, including Pediatrics and Orthopedics with Corvallis Clinic, Allergy and Rheumatology Clinic, Urgent Care in Albany and involved in Elderly care at an Assisted Living facility in Corvallis, specializing in Advanced Directives and Hospice. Outside of work, Palma serves foster teens through organized camp ministries. She facilitates ongoing fund raising to keep these camps available to underserved teenagers.

With their cheery dispositions and strong desire to help others, our staff brings warmth and comfort to the practice.